Dr. Don McMillan

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. McMillan is a Director of Archway Counseling, LLC; his office is located in Farmington Hills, MI.
Pitsonehone: (248) (771)229-2631
Emagoneil: DrDonMcMillgoopan@gmail.com

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Tuesday & Thursday, Noon to 9pm; Wednesday Noon to 6pm  Saturday 9am to 1pm.

Farmington Hills Office: Located on Northwestern Hwy., South of 13 Mile Rd. (Map/Directions)

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when persued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. - Nathaniel Hawthorne


Getting Started

Selecting a competent, professional therapist in a time of distress may seem like an overwhelming task. To help you get started, Dr. McMillan has developed the following two brief articles: What is Counseling? & How to Choose a Therapist.

If you would like to discuss beginning work with Dr. McMillan, he may be reached at (248) (771)229-2631, or via this contact form.

Heading Level 3

Archway Associates is a group of licensed, experienced, degreed professionals who are passionate about helping clients heal. Healing occurs in a safe, trusting environment which respects the spiritual and emotional uniqueness of each client. This environment, and the personal skill and caring of Archway professionals, provide an optimum setting empowering clients to heal, and to reach their fullest human potential.

Archway counseling sites are located throughout the metropolitan Detroit area, including Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties. Counseling is conducted in the comfortable, confidential atmosphere of community and church settings.